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Saibaan Shelter with Faiqa

Saibaan Shelter with Faiqa 

Let’s Talk about Women,s Rights, a new weekly TV talk show Exclusive on Community Online TV PLUS NEWS TV.

First Exclusive  online HD  TV PLUS NEWS TV,s production  upcoming New Community Talk show Saibaan ( Shelter) with brilliant host Faiqq Gull Every Tuesday 5: 30 PM UK Time.

Dr Najma Shaheen Khosa

Human Rights are women,s right  NO ? YES ?


Women’s empowerment is the process of empowering women. 

Dr Najma Shaheen Khosa
Dr Najma Shaheen Khosa Administrator and Gynaecologist of Jaan surgical Hospital Vice President of Pakistan medical association Dera Ghazi Khan Poet and writer of many books 📚 President of literary organisation for women “Aanchal” Chairperson of women’s wing in southern Punjab Pakistan
Dr.Amina Kazi
Dr.Amina Kazi Working as a resident in Altamash General Hospital Karachi Pakistan
Kiran Chaudary
Kiran Chaudary Business woman from Manchester UK Director of Real estate Perfect property 4 U Ltd


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