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About us

About us

Qaiser Bari paralegal services provider (Citizen Support Centre Member Advice UK) at your need, West Yorkshire, England UK

Bari Paralegal services provider was founded by Mr. Qaiser Bari LLB  with a goal to meet the demands of paralegal services in the United Kingdom. Mr. Qaiser Bari is highly experienced and qualified, he is not only Practising Advocate of High courts of Pakistan since 2002, he is also Life member of Lahore High Court Bar Associate, Ex- Additional District Public Persecutor ( ADPP) & Ex- Federal Persecutor of Federal Banking Court Pakistan.

Mr. Qaiser Bari Advocate has served Pakistan Government, semi Government ( Law , Parliamentary and Justice)  Private, Financial ( Banks National Bank of Pakistan, Muslim Commercial Bank  MCB) & lots Government departments as legal Adviser.  He is friendly and approachable, he care about the success of your cases, and he aim to put your needs first.

To make our services more efficient, Bari constantly searches for new ways to make processes and tasks easier for you. What’s more, we strive for professional excellence in everything that we do.

As a Paralegal firm, we do not provide legal services which are Reserved Legal Activities under the Legal Services Act 2007. Under the Legal Services Act certain legal services are reserved to those who are authorised to provide them. Such services are known as ‘reserved legal activities’ which are as follows:

  • the exercise of a right of audience; 
  • the conduct of litigation; 
  • reserved instrument activities; 
  • probate activities; 
  • notarial activities and 
  • the administration of oaths.

Although , we are qualified Paralegal firm but we are not entitled to practise in the same way as a solicitor or barrister. Therefore, in providing any legal services to you, we are not acting as a solicitor or barrister and we are not subject to many of the rules which regulate practising solicitors or barristers. This limits the services we can provide to you. We can provide you with legal assistance (as a Litigation Friend) and represent you before certain Tribunals and in the Small Claims Court, but we cannot exercise rights of audience in Court, meaning that we have no automatic right to represent you in any open court without the express permission of the court. However, we are able to assist you and guide you through the court process and help you complete court documents.

We aim to provide you with a good service and if you have any concerns about what we do for you, please let us  know and we will try to resolve the problem. But you should know that you would have only limited rights to complain about us to anyone else.

The Legal Ombudsman, which can adjudicate on complaints about poor service by practising barristers and solicitors, cannot consider any complaint against us, because we are paralegal and therefore, this is beyond their remit.

However, if we cannot resolve your concerns, you can complain to NALP, our Professional Membership Body, and it will investigate whether we have failed to comply with any of the rules which apply to us. If NALP finds that the complaint against is justified, it can sanction us and ultimately, can suspend our membership and withdraw our details from the National Paralegal Register.

Citizen Support Centre,s Mission

Citizen Support Centre provides affordable Paralegal legal advice and representation covering a wide range of matters. We are a Company limited by guarantee and we operate on a “not for profit” basis. The fees we charge in some cases like mediation, are to cover the running costs of representing your case. Any profits that are made will be used to provide pro-bono work for those least able to pay. Citizen Support believe that everyone is entitled to high quality, honest and affordable legal advice and representation. Citizen Support Centre Bradford will provide you with an honest assessment of your case and can offer you the level of assistance you need for your EU Settlement immigration requirements or Council Tax matters, We pride ourselves on offering a high quality service and many of our clients return to us over and over again. Many of our clients come to us through recommendations from other clients as they are pleased with the service that they have received.

We are located at:

127 Barkerend Road,



Contact us today!

If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact us:

Phone: 01274 406456  M: 07469259470

Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss rates, request an

initial meeting or discuss anything further.

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